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This Autumn 2023, 1treellion is planting 20,000 trees in Ukraine
Beginning the restoration of a devastated landscape and providing much-needed jobs

The people of Ukraine are paying a heavy price with war. The destruction of the landscape and natural ecosystems is also devastating. During COP27, President Zelensky shared that the war in Ukraine has destroyed 5 million acres of forest. The people of Ukraine asked for our help and we are answering this call.

Forest Restoration

1treellion is heading to Ukraine to generate hope and restoration in the endless dark era of war and climate crisis. We are shifting the narrative and inspiring change through action. Our focus is healing the land by planting trees and supporting communities.


We will plant 20,000 trees across secure land in Ukraine with a local team. Our reforestation strategy begins in September 2023, as Autumn is the perfect time to plant. 1treellion, along with our local partners, have been training foresters in sustainable forestry, soil analysis, crop selection, as well as creating jobs for women. Our on-the-ground local partners are women-led. This project will provide jobs for 21 local foresters and villagers, ten of whom are women.

We Have Done It Before!

1treellion has successfully planted and supported 12 communities in 10 countries globally. Planting in Guatemala, Tanzania, Armenia, Ghana, Uganda, Thailand, Brazil, Kenya, Nicaragua, and The Republic of Congo. Our planting impacted approximately 60,000 people directly and 220K people indirectly. Supporting with sanitation, clean water, food, jobs, and of course mitigating the effects of climate change.

The average survival rate of our trees stands at 80% vs the global average of 19%.


Now, we are bringing our knowledge to Ukraine.

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About 1Treellion

1treellion Global Funds (aka 1treellion) is a non-profit 501(c) (3) project committed to fund tree planting. We are a 100% volunteer-based organization. Our mission is to collectively raise enough funding to make a meaningful global impact and bring communities together to mitigate climate change by planting trees.

Have More Questions?

Can We Count On You?

We are going to be planting the seeds of the future even before peace has come. This is an incredible opportunity to directly impact regions no longer occupied by Russia, and begin restoring what was destroyed. We want to invite you to be part of this change.

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