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The 1treellion movement mobilizes people to cool the Earth. We are building a community for our planet. A community around trees.

We aim to plant trees…trillions of them... to cool the planet. 

We have waited long enough for someone else to repair the damage done to our planet. It is up to us to be the change. 


It is not enough to “just” plant a tree. We have to collectively change course, and to do this we need to come together to raise both funds and awareness. There is magic in music, togetherness, and trees (trillions of them). When we intertwine our branches we grow in unimaginable ways.


You don’t have to feel alone in your desire for change, you’ve come to the right place.


Trees are the natural climate solution. It is our conviction that this can be done BUT we need to act with determination NOW. 1treellion's goal is to mitigate climate change and support communities through the planting of trees.


It is our mission to collectively raise enough funds to make a meaningful global impact by bringing communities together to plant 1 trillion (1,000,000,000,000) trees and cool the Earth.

There are many initiatives and organizations that aim to plant trees. Our lives literally depend on that and only a few of them have succeeded. We plan on doing what we do best - generate a movement and raise a Global Fund to support those organizations.

SDG #13, #15, and More

1treellion’s works towards achieving nine (9) UN’s SDG #13, Climate Action, as well as SDG #15, life on Land, and more,  with all of our tree planting projects.

1treellion is a member of Catalyst 2030.

Catalyst 2030 is a global movement of social entrepreneurs and social innovators from all sectors who share the common goal of creating innovative, people-centric approaches to attain the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. Members are driven by a passionate determination to ensure that the SDGs are met by 2030 thereby avoiding the devastating 50-year delay predicted in the Social Progress Index.




We are the tree rangers, making sure all funds raised for the cause are dedicated and distributed to planting trees initiatives all over the world to where it makes the most impact. 

Believe it or not, planting is not always the best way to get trees back! Planting trees means starting with a nursery and transporting them to planting sites where they have been sowed and grown under ideal circumstances. Many young saplings die because they cannot adapt to the harsh world outside. Of course, we make sure trees are planted where appropriate. 
Every organization we support has to go through a vetting process, we make sure they do their job of planting and maintaining the trees till they reach full maturity. 
We support and promote high-biodiversity, high-yield, high-impact agroforestry systems.



Walking in the forest you obviously find yourself surrounded by trees. Believe it or not, those trees are there for each other, they are a community.


1treellion stands for a community of people coming together for the trees, coming together for the planet.


Every member of our community is an ambassador for the trees.



Be a BELIEVER - believe in trees as the key healer to the earth and all of her inhabitants.


Be POSITIVE – Much more and better action can be achieved having a positive attitude. We prefer to approach our mission from a positive productive angle, instead of complaining we take action.


Be SOCIAL & have a sense of community – we all can help spread the 1treellion word and help grow the community by joining the 1treellion movement.


Be INCLUSIVE– We welcome and embrace all kinds of thinkers, idiosyncrasy and ethnicities, we are an inclusive community. This is how we flourish and thrive. This is how we make a change.


Be ACTIVE- We have limited time to implement change and so we are keeping it simple, allowing you to act NOW.


Be CONFIDENT -  it starts with you, believe in your ability to make a change. 1treellion is a platform for you to demonstrate your potential by volunteering your time to the cause.


Be AMBITIOUS- 1treellion aims high! - Dare to dream big. Only joining forces across the globe and embracing partners and other movements we will be able to achieve our mission.


Be APOLITICAL -  Trees do not understand of political parties, it’s one nation that unites us all.


Be YOU – Trees are an integral part of the circle of life, they impact every animal, mineral and vegetable on planet earth, from the air we breathe to the food we eat. We don’t demand that you go and embrace a tree but we ask you to recognise that trees are part of the story of YOU.


Be COOL! -  Let’s cool Mother Earth together!

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