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gifting trees for sustanablity and better future

This Holiday Season, Give The Gift Of A Greener Planet By Planting Trees

As the holiday season twinkles around the corner, how about we celebrate in a way that brings us all closer, not just to each other, but to Mother Earth as well? Here at 1treellion, we believe in the power of community, and what better way to express this than by gifting a tree planted in someone’s honor!

Together, We Grow: Planting a tree is more than just an environmental act; it's a symbol of unity, growth, and the shared joy of giving back to the planet. It’s our way of coming together, just like we do at 1treellion, planting with and for people, creating a living legacy that strengthens our bond with nature and each other.

🎁 A Unique Bonding Gift

What's more unique than a living, growing tree named after someone special? It's a delightful surprise that symbolizes our community spirit and the special bond we share with nature.

🎁 A Greener Tomorrow, Together

Each tree we plant is a step towards a healthier planet, a testament to our commitment as a community to nurture and protect our world for future generations.

🎁 An Affordable Celebration

This holiday, make a meaningful yet affordable gesture. Gifting a tree is a beautiful way to show we care – it's a small investment for a gift that keeps growing.

🎁 Global Impact, Community Spirit

Every tree planting contributes to global reforestation efforts, transcending borders and uniting communities worldwide in a common cause of nurturing the earth.

🎁 For Everyone, From Everyone

Planting a tree is a heartfelt gesture that resonates with everyone. Whether for a friend, or family member or in memory of someone, it’s a symbol of hope and unity, perfect for any festive occasion.

Why Tree Planting? 

tree planting gift certificate 1treellion

Why Go With 1Treellion For Your Holiday Gifts?

  • More Than Just Numbers, But The Numbers Speak Volumes: We've successfully executed 12 small-scale tree planting projects across 10 countries, directly impacting 60,141 people and indirectly benefiting over 220,000. Each tree we plant supports three individuals, contributing to both environmental and social well-being.

  • Combating Climate Change: Planting trees isn't just good for the soul; it's one of the most natural ways to fight climate change. Plus, it's a boost for local communities, from creating shade to improving soil.

  • A Cut Above the Rest: While industry-standard tree survival rates hover around 19%, our unique community engagement model has enabled us to achieve an extraordinary 80% tree survival rate. That's more than four times the industry average!

  • We Know Our Trees: Our team spends a significant amount of time understanding the local environment and only plant native species that support the natural ecosystem. 

  • We Look at the Bigger Picture: We are endorsed by UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador for Cultural Diplomacy, Hedva Ser, and are aligned with the Tree to Peace, fostering a universal path of dialogue and tolerance.

How It Works?


Email us with your specific needs

and we’ll create a gifting that fits your needs


Send us your donation and we’ll send you a tax-deductible receipt

tree planting gift certificate 1treellion

Receive a personalized digital certificate for each person

Greening Our Holidays: Planting Trees of Hope and Unity

As we celebrate the holidays, let's come together to do something extraordinary: plant trees and sow seeds of hope and unity. Every tree we plant is a symbol of our community's commitment to a brighter, greener future. This holiday season, let's nurture our bond with nature and each other, one tree at a time.

1treellion tree planting project

From Our Partners & Communities

“This was the first time we replaced the physical gift to our clients with the gift of a forest and our customers loved it. They appreciated our aim for a greener future...Thank you” 

- VP  at Stye (tech startup)

“Today we accomplished two goals [I can say]. At first, we restored the environment lost by the university in this area, and also, we managed to give education to the people, the young ambassadors, that conserving the environment is important in the coming years. So, through that, we say thank you a lot.” 

- Project Coordinator in Tanzania 

"... more families have joined beyond the original community ..., planting a total of 950 fruit trees and 3,800 legume support  trees, in a site where only degraded pastures and cows existed before....we're now planting beyond the initial funding of 1Treellion,... huge thanks to you for getting us started." 

-  Project Manager in Guatemala


By partnering with 1TREELLION this holiday season, you can make a lasting and positive impact on the environment, your loved ones, and the world. We look forward to your support in making the world greener and better for all.

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