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The war in Ukraine has devastated all facets of life, including the destruction of more than 5 million acres of forest, according to President Zelensky. The damage done to natural ecosystems has resulted in the loss of jobs and livelihoods for many people in Ukraine.

We have a calling to begin restoration to a war-torn land and hope to a war-torn people. If there is one thing 1treellion can help with, it is healing the land through the planting of trees, and supporting the communities that rely on trees for their living.

Forest Restoration

1treellion aims to plant 20,000 trees across 10 hectares of the Rivne Region of Ukraine in collaboration with our local partner. The planting will begin by March 2023, as Spring is the best time to plant. It will take approximately 3 weeks to plant 10 hectares, providing jobs for foresters in the community for 6 years.


We will be restoring the region with native and biodiverse trees including birch, oak, pine, aspen, larch, and spruce.

Community Support

This is Bakhmut in the Donetsk region, this photo was shared with 1treellion by a local ac

There have been no direct missile strikes in the region we are planting. Yet, the community has been impacted heavily, leaving people with damaged roads and no electricity. This project will provide jobs for 21 local foresters and villagers, 10 of them women. The population in this area as last counted pre-war is almost 7,000 people.

How You Can Help

We are going to be planting the seeds of the future even before peace has come. This is an incredible opportunity to directly impact regions no longer occupied by Russia, and begin restoring what was destroyed.

We want to invite you to be part of this change.

1treellion is raising $60,000 for this project and needs your support.

Response from our local partners, when asked why this act of tree planting is so important, and why should we prioritize it now, this is what they’ve answered:


“This topic [of tree planting and forest restoration] wasn't even considered a priority before...since the war, it's been overshadowed. Now it's not just an environmental issue, but also the issue of people's ability to earn a salary and feed their children.

Many villagers have no other jobs but to work in the forests.”

If your organization is interested in supporting this initiative, please email


Our on the Ground Partners - Meet the Women in the Nursery

About 1Treellion

1treellion has successfully planted and supported 12 communities in 9 countries globally. The average survival rate of our trees stands at 80% vs the global average of 19%. Now, we are bringing our knowledge to Ukraine.


1treellion Global Funds (aka 1treellion) is a non-profit 501(c) (3) project committed to fund tree planting. We are a 100% volunteer-based organization. Our mission is to collectively raise enough funding to make a meaningful global impact and bring communities together to mitigate climate change by planting trees.

Where We've Planted

1treellion tree planting sites.png

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Can We Count On You?

If your organization is interested in supporting this initiative, please email

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