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Brenda Asnicar

This month we want to shed the light on a very special ambassador, Brenda Asnicar. You may have heard her name. She is an Argentine actress, singer, model and dancer who gained international popularity for her debut role as Antonella Lamas Bernardi in the Disney Channel television series Patito feo. 

What you don't know is that Brenda planted a forest in her home town in Colombia, all by herself. We found her story very inspiring and we decided to share it with you as well. 


Like any fairy tale, it started at home in the terrace of Brenda's home. One day,"I went out to get some fresh air at the terrace, when I found the wind blew in about 10 seeds. Those seeds had a special morphology, a heart with wings."

At that time, Brenda's terrace was empty, but this is all about to change. Brenda planted all 10 seeds in the soil.
One may plant and forget, but not Brenda. She was anxious to see them grow, unfortunately they didn't.

Like any good fairy-tale, there was a twist to the story. Brenda found one seed which was not planted in the ground. That seed sprouted. This is when Brenda realized she was doing it all wrong. Needless to say this changed the way she planted the rest of the seeds. Those seed, became 7 trees, she calls them her "teachers", as they allowed her to observe, focus, and learn. Now Brenda has a forest with a 100 trees. 

I asked Brenda about her connection to the trees. She said "I discovered so many similarities between humans and plants. Planting trees its like giving birth, it's not just about you anymore."

When we finished talking, Brenda had a recommendation to us all. She said that she stopped buying shiny gifts to her friends, instead she brings them a plant. Hoping to give her friends and family the gift she got from growing those 100 trees. "At the beginning", Brenda says, "people think it's very difficult to take care of those plants, but its not, all nature needs are attention, love, light, water - four simple elements plus LOVE".

We found this tip relevant for this upcoming holiday season. Thank you Brenda!

Please remember Brenda before going out shopping. You can donate to 1treellion and we will plant on your behalf, or go to the nearest nursery and buy a plant as the holiday gift for your loved ones.


Time to plant our future!

[interviewed by Tali Orad]

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