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Dr Vishal Nangalia

Our world is fighting it’s most challenging war ever, we cannot see the enemy, and it is not climate change, it’s COVID-19. This time the soldiers and heroes are the medical professionals, doctors, nurses, and all kinds of medical personnel fighting and going way beyond their own capabilities to curb the threat of this deadly virus. We will probably never be able to truly put it into words just how grateful we are for what they do.


We try with messages and clapping from our windows, and above all by listening to their guidelines by staying home, exercising social distancing, and constantly washing hands. 

At 1treellion, there is one doctor we can personally thank, and it’s our own ambassador, Dr Vishal Nangalia. 

When he is not fighting the coronavirus, Dr Nangalia is an Anaesthetic Consultant at the Royal Free Hospital, London, and Founder of ELU AI a startup that unlocks the secrets of blood to save lives in hospital.

covid-19 full gear Vishal Nangalia
Vishal Nangalia

For when it is all over, we would love to share more on how Vishal brings a medical, AI and space monitoring and modification approach to utilizing trees to help shift humanity to a more sustainable future both on and off planet.

In the meantime, we want to shout out for how appreciative we are for his and his colleague’s work.


Thank you dear Vishal!


*** If you are looking for a way to actively show your support, please reach out to your local hospital and donate. There are many ways to donate. It can be cash, medical supplies, or even a warm meal. Your act of goodwill will go a long way.

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